Welcome to the online portal of the Rajasthan Transport Department.

This portal is a common platform for providing various online services relating to Transport Department. The various services shall be gradually provided online to the citizens. At present certain class of motor vehicles are required to pay tax under the provisions of the Rajasthan Motor Vehicles Taxation Act, 1951 at the tax collection centers located at the inter state borders.

This includes the various types of transport vehicles registered out side the State of Rajasthan, chassis of motor vehicles passing through the State and construction equipment vehicles which are registered out side the State. To ensure free flow of vehicles, online tax payment of such vehicles is being ensured through this portal. The owner or the representative of the owner may log on to the portal from any internet access point and deposit the required tax through net banking facility. This will on one hand reduce the human interface and on the other hand ensure seamless collection of tax.
Once the user logs in to the system and provides the required information about the vehicle, the software calculates and displays the amount of tax payable. If the user accepts to make the payment, the portal redirects him to selected bank’s internet banking site. The user can then make the payment from his bank account through secure internet banking. Once the transaction is complete, the software generates a detailed receipt, which can be printed by the user for his record, a message relating to deposit of tax will also be received on the mobile phone of the owner.
For checking the authenticity of receipt Transport Department officials may cross-check the payment details by logging on to the portal using this web-based software. The officials of the department may also get the information through SMS on their mobile phone through the NIC server. Various reports may also be generated for officials of the Transport Department.